Taste Australia promotes summer fruits Malaysia

The Taste Australia campaign provided recipes, displays and promotions in a bid to push summer fruits in Malaysia

Australian summer fruits were celebrated at Tesco Kepong Village Mall, Kuala Lumpur, just in time for the fruit gifting season.

The Taste Australia campaign launched last week highlighted cherries and summer fruits as a fresh and delicious option for shoppers.

Strategic promotion prior to the Chinese New Year was made on fruits like the cherry, whose round shape and colour symbolise prosperity and bring the recipient of them good fortune for the year.

The campaign was coordinated by the State Government of Victoria (Australia), in collaboration with Austrade and Hort Innovation Australia (who represent the cherry and summer fruit industries).

“Lots of sunshine, a clean and green natural environment, rich soil and blue skies are the reasons why Australian stone fruits taste better, are greener, cleaner and safer,” said Amelia Fyfield, State Government of Victoria (Australia) representative.

The promotional campaign featured plenty of fresh fruit displays alongside recipe demonstrations with nutritionist and health advocate, Marissa Parry.

“Fruit platters, salads and popsicles are just perfect for our Malaysian weather which is akin to summer all year round,” said Parry. “It’s best to taste them at their freshest while at the same time enjoy the nutritional benefits.”

Parry prepared a breakfast summer smoothie bowl, fresh fruit popsicles and a fresh summer salad using the Australian cherries and summer fruits to inspire shoppers.

Malaysia remains one of Australia’s fastest growing export markets in the Asean, with two-way trade in goods and services totalling almost AU$18 billion in 2016.

Source: Author: Camellia Aebischer