Vietnam – a major player in lime & mango exports

R2E2, a variety of mango that was introduced to Vietnam by Australians around 10 years ago, has been a driving force that has catapulted Vietnam into becoming a major player in the exporting of R2E2 mangoes.

According to Tu Phan the Managing Director of Anh Duong Sao in Vietnam explains, “A group of Australians came to Vietnam some years back and decided to grow R2E2 mangoes here. This is because Vietnam’s climate and growing conditions reminded them of Queensland Australia. Since then Mango farms have grown ten-fold and, because of this, the fruit can be seen anywhere from Asia to Europe.”

Phan added, “Our Company owns thirty hectares of land which we use solely for growing R2E2 mangoes. The fruit is famous for is good color, and red skin. It is deemed as very attractive versus other varieties of mangoes according to the Chinese. Because of these traits, the fruit is very profitable. Unfortunately they are not really appreciated in the local market, thus R2E2 are solely for export. Our export markets are in Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and Singapore), the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Canada.”

In the past Vietnam wasn’t always considered a big player in the lime business, countries such as Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and India were leaders in the industry. But, since four years ago, Vietnam has emerged as the largest supplier of limes – beating out the incumbent leaders.

"We don't only produce R2E2 mango but fresh limes as well. As for Vietnam, our country is the biggest supplier to the Middle East, because of our proximity and, arguably, we are the biggest supplier in the world. We are famous for our quality and affordable prices. Although the size of our lime is smaller than the ones coming from Brazil, Vietnam is still able to export 10 containers (300 tons) per week by ship to the world.”

For more information:
Tu Phan
Anh Duong Sao (Vietnam)

Author: Lawin Ileto / Yzza Ibrahim

Publication date: 10/13/2017
Author: Yzza Ibrahim