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• Food safety is a critical aspect of Australia’s horticulture industry – not only is it crucial that the food consumed domestically is not contaminated, Australian exports must live up to their reputation.
https://www.foodsafety.com.au/ Australian Institute of Food Safety

• Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is a statutory authority in the Australian Government Health portfolio. FSANZ develops food standards for Australia and New Zealand.
FSANZ is an independent statutory agency established by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (FSANZ Act). FSANZ is part of the Australian Government's Health portfolio.

FSANZ develops standards that regulate the use of ingredients, processing aids, colourings, additives, vitamins and minerals. The Food Standards Code also covers the composition of some foods, e.g. dairy, meat and beverages as well as foods developed by new technologies such as genetically modified foods. We are also responsible for some labelling requirements for packaged and unpackaged food, e.g. specific mandatory warnings or advisory labels. FSANZ also develops Australia-only primary production and processing standards.

FSANZ - http://www.foodstandards.gov.au

• Freshcare is the fresh produce industry’s own on-farm assurance program, meeting the needs of Australian growers in fulfilling both domestic and international market requirements.
Freshcare’s practical approach to helping growers and packers assure customers that their produce is safe to eat and sustainably grown has seen thousands of fresh produce businesses adopt the Freshcare program since its launch in July 2000.

Freshcare is Australia’s largest on-farm assurance program and exciting new developments, including benchmarking to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), will ensure the program continues to grow.

Freshcare is not just about food safety and quality. The Freshcare Environmental, Environmental Viticulture and Environmental Winery Codes are also being widely adopted, providing an independent assurance of on-farm environmental practices and sustainable production.

FRESHCARE - https://www.freshcare.com.au/ 


Free trade agreements (FTAs) are international treaties that reduce barriers to trade and investment. Australia’s FTAs – both with individual countries and groups of countries – provide:
• better Australian access to important markets
• an improved competitive position for Australian exports
• more prospects for increased two-way investment, and
• reduced import costs for Australian businesses and consumers alike.


MICOR - Manual of Importing Country Requirements

MICoR (Plants) contains information about the conditions to export plants and plant products, including fruit, vegetables, seeds, grains, cut flowers and timber from Australia. It is a simple and convenient reference tool detailing the requirements for Import Permits, Phytosanitary Certificates, Additional Declarations and/or treatments, and also any other relevant export information and documentation, such as protocols.



BICON – Australian Biosecurity Import Conditions

BICON houses the Australian Government's Biosecurity import conditions database for more than 20,000 plants, animals, minerals and biological products. It will help you to determine what import conditions exist and if an import permit is required. Please refer to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources' Importing to Australia page for more information about BICON.



AUSTRADE – Fresh fruit and vegetable export requirements

A guide for Australian Businesses provides an overview of the pathways to market for exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables.
It describes the three main export stages — Preparation, Shipping and In Market — and the requirements that may need to be considered and met for each stage.
The aim of the guide is to ensure Australian businesses are aware of and comply with key export requirements and regulations, so they may have a safe and smooth export experience.