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Watt Export Pty Ltd

Watt Export Pty Ltd

8/9 East Road, Flemington 2129, NSW, Australia

61 2 9764 4545

Exporters of the Finest Quality Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

General info
As a leading Australian exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables, Watt Export upholds the highest standards in the industry.

We purchase and distribute only the finest quality fresh produce available. Long standing relationships with growers and suppliers throughout Australia, and with buyers worldwide, are fundamentals to the success of our business.

Exporter of Australia's finest quality fruit and vegetables

A major exporter of Australian fresh fruit and vegetables, Watt Export supplies markets worldwide - especially in Asia. Sourcing crops direct from growers right around Australia, Watt Export sends fresh produce overseas by air freight, or by sea from ports around Australia.

Watt Export is located in Australia

Watt Export's head office is at Sydney Markets, the largest wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Australia. The Sydney Markets are only 30 minutes by road or rail from Sydney's International Airport and 40 minutes from Sydney Harbour. This convenient location enables customers' orders to be processed quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimum time from orchard or farm to marketplace, and of optimum quality on arrival.

Australia grows a wide range of produce

All six states and the Northern Territory produce fruit and vegetables. Australia's many geographical regions and climates range from tropical in the north, to temperate and cool in the south. Large scale production is irrigated by Australia's extensive river systems. Other significant production areas utilise ground water and abundant rainfall. Most vegetables and a great variety of fruits are available throughout the year. Being in the Southern Hemisphere offers seasonal advantages with regards to supplying countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

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  • 86 080 398 840