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Updated China-Australia trade list welcomed by citrus industry

Australia’s citrus industry has welcomed a further thawing in trade relations between Australia and China with the publication of a new list of orchards, packhouses and treatment facilities allowed to export to China.

The lists are compiled by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) and include not only citrus but stone fruit, mangoes and cherries.

While changes are usually more regular, this is the first time these lists have been updated since 2020 for stone fruit, mangoes, cherries and 2021 for citrus.

The lists are then published on GACC’s website, and those establishments can trade.

With picking well underway in most production areas, the CEO of Citrus Australian, Nathan Hancock,  said it was good news.

Mr Hancock said the increase in Chinese exporting opportunities would likely result in a substantial economic boost. 

“I think it’s certainly a sign that the relationships between Beijing and Canberra are improving and these administrative issues are being resolved,” Mr Hancock said.

“It hasn’t stopped us from trading with China in the meantime.

“It’s just meant that probably a few packing sheds and orchards weren’t able to when they had an intent and now they will be able to.”


Author: Abby Halter

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