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About Us

We’re AHT

Australian Horticulture Trade.
We provide leadership to support and strengthen Australia’s trade in horticultural produce.

About US

Providing leadership to support and strengthen Australia’s trade in horticultural produce.

Australian Horticulture Trade (AHT) is the Peak Industry Body (PIB) for Australian exporters and importers of fresh horticultural products.

We advocate to Federal and State Governments, other PIB’s in Australia and offshore as well as other industry groups that affect our members and their businesses.

Our members are stakeholders from across the horticulture industry and our Board of Directors are working members from various sectors of the horticulture industry, including Exporting, Importing, Growing, Logistics and Packhouses.

The Association seeks exporters’ and importers’ support and participation as we respond to the ongoing challenges that confront horticultural trade, to safeguard the future prosperity of the industry.

Our History

From humble beginnings

The Association began in 1987, advocating for fresh fruit and vegetable exporters, and has grown to incorporate flower and fresh horticultural importers and packing sheds.

AHT is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation, with a primary focus on advocacy to enhance the trade of horticultural commodities in and out of Australia. The Association seeks to protect and sustainably grow Australia’s international horticulture trade.

AHT’s membership consists of:

  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Packing Sheds
  • Value Chain Partners
  • Logistics
  • Peak Industry Bodies

Our Focus

Bilateral trade in horticulture

AHT promotes the role of bilateral trade in horticulture and represents the views of Australian importers, exporters and value chain partners across all traded horticultural products, representing members’ interests to government and industry organisations.

The AHT is part of the various Government and PIB groups involved in the decision-making, advocacy and action in trade. We focus on:

Market access – Advocating for and supporting, new market access

Market intelligence – Providing market intelligence and cross-commodity perspective

Market expansion – Growing trade in current markets; expanding bilateral trade; promoting the formation of trading partnerships with/among members

Market maintenance – Maintaining and improving Australia’s competitive advantage

Trade efficiency – Ensuring regulatory burdens and costs are minimised; Ensuring regulation does not jeopardise profitability of trade; supporting members to meet their challenges of the global trade dynamic

Our Focus

International horticultural trade

In order to achieve the goal of building international horticultural trade, AHT maintains a strong focus on advocacy, consultation, and communication. The Association provides leadership and a point of contact in representing members and influencing decisions affecting the horticultural industry.

AHT liaises with:


  •  Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
  • Department of Home Affairs
  •  Austrade
  • Relevant international counterparts


  • Value chain partners (including international counterparts)
  • Peak Industry Bodies
  • Horticulture Innovation Australia

Consultative Committees

  • HEICC – Horticultural Exports Industry Consultative Committee
    The primary horticulture consultation body to discuss and engage on export inspection and certification issues, market access, departmental performance and regulatory activities affecting industry.
  • IFPWG – Imported Fresh Produce Working Group
    The IFPWG provides a forum for consultation and communication across government and industry in relation to the importation of fresh produce. Operational policy and issues, procedures to facilitate efficient and effective biosecurity regulations and manage biosecurity risks are key areas of engagement.
  • IFCC – Imported Food Consultative Committee 
    The principal consultative committee to consider practical and strategic food related issues. 
    IFCC provides the government and industry with a consultative forum to ensure that effective food safety and compliance outcomes are delivered without unnecessary impediments to trade, by facilitating efficient and effective imported food regulation. 
  • Department of Home Affairs – ACSIAF – Air Cargo Security Industry Advisory Forum
    ACSIAF is a forum to discuss matters pertaining to air cargo security. Areas of engagement include Trusted Trade, Known Consignor, EACE, AACA, RACA, security declarations, audit processes and international/domestic air cargo security.

Our Focus

Meet the board

All Appointed at the AGM – 15 September 2022

Photo of Joe Saina

Joe Saina

Chair – A S Barr

Photo of Cameron Carter

Cameron Carter

Deputy Chair – Seeka Australia

Photo of Saxon Call

Saxon Call

Director – Valley Fresh

Photo of Joseph Ekman

Joseph Ekman

Director – FPG

Photo of Campbell Banfield

Campbell Banfield

Director – Costa Group

Photo of Christian Jones

Christian Jones

Director – Perfection Fresh

Photo of Hugh Molloy

Hugh Molloy

Director – Antico International

Photo of Matthew Sexton

Matthew Sexton

Director – Crozasia

Photo of Joe Tullio

Joe Tullio

Director – Australia Fruits

Photo of Justin Shield

Justin Shield

Director – WA Farm Direct

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