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WA Farm Direct “Demand has been strong for Bravo apples with additional retail chains taking on the product this year"

The harvest of Bravo® apples started late this season in all regions of Australia, the first harvest was in mid-April.

“The harvest went well in all regions and concluded in early May,” said Rebecca Blackman, Executive Manager at WA Farm Direct which is the Australian license holder for the variety. “We were fortunate enough not to have any weather issues during harvest and our sales will run until December.”

Volumes were predicted to be 10-15% up on last year, but down on initial predictions due to weather conditions, which seems to have been the case with current volumes up by 15% with an additional 10% of premium fruit available for the domestic and export markets.

“Demand has been strong for Bravo apples with additional retail chains taking on the product this year, the overall apple market within Australia has been in shorter supply due to weather events during the growing season.”

The Bravo apple is exported under the Soluna™ brand as the trademark on Bravo within Europe & the USA was not possible. The Soluna brand is managed by TopStar Alliance and by Fruit West Cooperative within Australia.

“Exports of Soluna™ have started well and all export markets have fruit in market or on its way. The brand transition from Bravo to Soluna has been successful with a lot of work done since the launch of the new names with the markets to ensure a smooth transition.”

Bravo apples has launched an online competition which aims to engage Bravo apple consumers. Consumers can scan the QR code at the point of purchase to play three online and upload a photo of their lunchbox containing a Bravo apple to win prizes.

“This competition is a great way of engaging consumers and celebrating their passion for this unique Australian bred apple,” said Sean Engelbrecht, National Development Manager for Bravo.

For more information:
Rebecca Blackman
WA Farm Direct
Tel: +61 8 9350 4600

Publication date: Mon 10 Jul 2023
Author: Nichola McGregor

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