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Australian Hayward kiwi for the European market

The Australian kiwi has a relatively short but also very successful history: pampered by the many Australian sunshine hours, it offers a consistent taste thanks to its high sugar content. Seeka Australia is one of Australia’s premier fruit production companies, in particular for the Hayward Kiwi.

Bratzler & Co. has been working for years on expanding and maintaining direct producer relations around the globe. Focusing on just a few exotics, the fruit trading company is, among other things, using these partnerships to consistently further its value-added chain. “Seeka operates in the Goulburn Valley, the so-called ‘Fruit Bowl’ of Australia,” said Thorsten Blasius, Managing Director Bratzler & Co. “The conditions are ideal there – plenty of sun, high temperatures and good soil provide us with the high sugar content and the extraordinary quality of these kiwis. The supply capacities of our partner are unbeatable with regard to the Australian market.”

Direct relationships create more possibilities

For more than 10 years, Bratzler & Co. has maintained an intensive and cooperative trading relationship with its Australian kiwi supplier and it has been heavily involved in the successful marketing of this high-quality kiwi in Europe. Since the beginning of this cooperation, Bratzler & Co. has been the exclusive partner for the marketing of this product in Europe. According to Blasius, these direct relationships are becoming increasingly important, especially in the premium segment. “The trade demands taste sensations. But it also wants a consistent product. This is only possible if everything fits during the production and we know all the ins and outs. Then we can optimally prepare through logistics, storage and processing. This, in turn, is only worthwhile if the amounts of produce justify the effort.”

Blasius also appreciates the Australians’ style of collaborating – uncomplicated and flexible. For example, retailers in Europe have the opportunity to put their own brand names on the kiwi’s, because these are unwrapped goods. At the right purchasing quantities, the integration of their own packaging systems in the supply process is feasible without much trouble. “With Seeka in Australia we are working together with a fully industrialized nation at our own level – much more is possible than with some other suppliers.” So Bratzler & Co. still sees many possibilities for their customers in Europe.

Consistent quality & measurable good results 

Why the combination of merchandise volumes and industrial standards plays an important role for Bratzler & Co. is also revealed in the self-image of the company. “We have not been just a dealer for a long time, we are acting along the entire value chain and that starts with working in the field.” But we also do a lot when the goods arrive at our warehouses. It is invaluable when I find a consistent product – then dry matter, Brix value, strength and internal defects can be identified much more accurately, which is valuable for the overall delivery. With near-infrared light (NIR) and other non-traumatic analysis methods, we are able to effectively separate ripe and unripe fruits. This way we treat our fruit carefully and sustainably, ensuring excellent quality for delivery,” says Blasius.

Deliveries from Australia are typically expected from mid-May, this year in calibres 27 (115-125g), 30 (105-115g) and 36 (85-95g). Large quantities of Australian origin reamin in the market up until September. For a while now, the Australian Haywards have made a considerable contribution to Bratzler & Co.’s ability to supply kiwi’s year-round. “And they are of a particularly high quality,” says Blasius, who is already looking forward to the next innovation of his Australian partner. “This year we will already receive first KIWI GOLD batches from Seeka. Starting next year, larger quantities are expected.” It is obviously a cooperation that bears fruit on both sides of the world.

High modern protection nets are available to kiwi producers

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Publication date: 4/17/2018


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