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Detpak wins national award for Kerbside Recyclable Paper Bag for Fresh Potatoes

Detpak has announced that it have been honoured with the APPMA Packaging Design Innovation Award for its Kerbside Recyclable Paper Bag for Fresh Potatoes. They say this recognition at the APPMA Awards of Excellence 2024 in Melbourne underscores their commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability within the packaging industry.

Detpak’s journey toward this groundbreaking packaging solution was marked by collaboration with Mitolo Family Farms and Coles, two industry giants equally committed to environmental stewardship. Together, they set out to transform the landscape of fresh produce packaging, aiming to reduce plastic usage and minimize environmental impact.

After three years of rigorous research and development, Detpak successfully launched Australia’s first kerbside recyclable paper bag for fresh potatoes. This innovative solution slashes plastic usage by an impressive 64%, equating to 8.2 tonnes less plastic each year, and maintains product quality, extends shelf life, and offers kerbside recyclability, perfectly aligning with Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation guidelines.

According to Detpak, this achievement resonates far beyond mere recognition; it signifies a shift toward sustainability within the grocery sector, fuelled by consumer demand for sustainable packaging.

For more information:
Detpak Australia
55 East Street
Brompton SA 5007

Source: FreshPlaza

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