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VFS Exports

VFS Exports
Contact person: Colleen Dangerfield (+)
  • Colleen@vfsexports.com.au

411 North South Road, Woorinen 3589, Vic, Australia

0407 004 495

The highest quality Australian fruit

General info

The Siciliano enterprise is owned and run by three brothers, Tony, Bruno, and Fred, the second generation of the V F Siciliano family that commenced farming in Woorinen North in 1954. It started by growing grapes and tomatoes, later to rockmelons, and ultimately, stone fruit.

Starting from these humble beginnings, combining with hard work and a vision for growth, has seen the expansion of the Siciliano enterprise to more than tenfold the original farm, transitioning over time from the numerous horticultural activities to a passion for growing stone fruit.

In early 1998, a new packing facility was constructed to allow for the increase in stone fruit production from the Siciliano farming properties, and the sourcing of stone fruit from select local growers.

The concept was to supply the Market with stone fruit that was consistent in quality and in volumes to suit the needs of domestic buyers while purchasing from one supplier.

  • ABN:
  • 85 088 253 767