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Snack-sized Ondine builds momentum

WA Farm Direct and N&A Group hope flat peach and flat nectarine varieties will add a fresh, attractive stonefruit option for Australian consumers.

The 2023/24 Ondine season is set to deliver increased volumes of fruit to Australian consumers bringing more variety to the stonefruit category.

More Ondine fruit will be available this season

More Ondine fruit will be available this season

WA Farm Direct and N&A Group manage the Ondine brand in Australia, a series of flat peach and flat nectarine varieties developed in France by the Maillard family of ASF Edition.

Initial volumes hit the Australian market in the 2021/22 season and with plantings maturing and production increasing, more fruit is set for shelves this season from late November.

WA Farm Direct executive manager Rebecca Blackman said the varieties are the perfect snack-sized stonefruit and their unique flat shape, vibrant skin, and exceptionally balanced flavour should help draw new customers to the category, while also increasing purchase frequency and volume.

“Most Australian consumers aren’t yet familiar with flat nectarines, however, we are confident that they will enjoy the snack-sized fruit with taste and convenience. There is nothing comparable on the market, and we believe it will contribute to growth in the category,” said Blackman.

“Ondine is perfectly positioned to capture new customers from the young families and gourmet snacking markets; its size profile and unique flat shape make it an ideal snack as it is easier to hold than traditional round peaches or nectarines and won’t get squashed when packed in a lunchbox.

“Its exceptionally sweet flavour and unusual appearance will see Ondine becoming an in-demand ingredient in canapés and grazing platters.”

Being a licensed variety, Ondine benefits from a carefully monitored and vetted production base, as well as tailored marketing channels all with the aim of guaranteeing retailers and consumers a consistently high-quality product.

Ondine production in Australia is currently centred around two main growing regions – Cobram in Victoria and the Perth Hills in Western Australia. Both regions were chosen for their reputation for yielding high quality stonefruit, with hopes that Ondine production will take off in Australia as it has in other parts of the world.

The current season commenced two weeks early though the crop at both production locations is looking strong. WA Farm Direct and N&A Group forecast 90 tonnes of flat peaches and 90 tonnes of flat nectarines (Class 1 fruit) will be available for the 2023/24 launch, with fruit to be supplied from the two production bases. Ondine flat peaches and flat nectarines will be available through to March at selected New South Wales Woolworths stores and independent grocers.



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