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Mega Mandy joins the Pinnacle Fresh family

The Australian citrus harvest is well underway for the Dracula citrus range from Pinnacle Fresh.

“We are currently picking all varieties; Navels, Cara Cara, Tangelo, Dekopons and lemons, Afourer mandarins and blood oranges have just started. Our largest by volume is on Navel oranges followed by Cara Cara, Afourer mandarins and our flagship variety Dracula Blood Oranges, although our volumes of Tangelo and lemons are smaller,” said Daniel Newport from Pinnacle Fresh.

The Dracula citrus range includes characters such as Dracula Baby Mandarins, Pink Cara Cara, Baby Mandarins as well as Dracula Blood Oranges. In addition to this there is a new member of the family, the new variety Dekopon Mandarin will be marketed as Dracula Mega Mandy.

Daniel said that sizes are much smaller across all varieties this year, but the quality of the Class I fruit is looking good with good flavour.

“Sales here in Australia are slower than expected for this time of the year and prices are dropping. Our Dracula brand is sold on the domestic market as well as being exported to the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and Asia. We are hoping that the trade deal with the UK could increase the volumes sent there.”

For more information:
Daniel Newport
Pinnacle Fresh
Tel: +61 488 023 679

Publication date: Fri 21 Jul 2023
Author: Nichola McGregor

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